Sharing my indie hacking journey

Jakub Svehla—Oct 27, 2020

I have been super anxious and depressed recently. I have spent almost 10 months trying to build a profitable SaaS business and I haven’t made a single dollar so far. That made me feel like a failure and I started questioning myself.

So I decided to stop for a bit and spent few days thinking about why I am doing what I am doing in the first place, why things didn’t go as planned, and what my next steps should be.

While thinking, I was writing all my thoughts down to help me clear my mind, think better, and not to have to worry about forgetting stuff. That itself helped me a ton with my depression and anxiety.

While writing all that down, I thought I should finally start blogging regularly, start sharing my lessons and mistakes and document my journey towards a profitable SaaS business with others.

There are two main reasons for doing so:

  1. Other people getting started with SaaS business will be able to learn from my mistakes.
  2. I will be hopefully able to get some feedback on things I am doing from more experienced people.

Besides that, I need to get better at writing. And there’s no better way to get better at writing than by writing.

If you have any comments, feedback or questions, let me know on Twitter or via email.

Thanks for reading

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